Thursday, April 28, 2005

Meanwhile, back on the ranch...

Here on our timber ranch in Southwest Oregon, most events taking place in the world have little effect on us. But some simple events do create an impact--like the price of gas rising because of the law of supply and demand. Globally, crude oil is in demand in China and India as it never has been before, as their growing economies continue demanding more and more oil and gas to fuel their industrial expansion. And our economy continues to grow here in the US.

When I pay $2.58 a gallon locally for gas, it is because there is noplace else where I can get it for less. Supply and demand. Simple, effective, and all you really need to know about this current gas price run-up. If this price hike were artificially being maintained (say by an OPEC embargo as in years past), then the dynamics of supply and demand would eventually bring the price back down as soon as someone saw a way to make money off of it. It's pretty clear to me we aren't dealing with a monopoly or a cartel here -- just supply and demand.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Reporter Released from Imprisonment

Reporter Jim Taricani of WJAR-TV has been subject to house arrest for the last four months, for contempt of court for failing to answer a judge's command regarding the source of his news report.

He was released yesterday according to this report from the NY Times. Be warned it probably contains errors or omissions and is almost certainly biased toward the left--since it WAS published in The NY Times.

There are so few reporters with principals now it is very heartening to see Mr. Taricani take the witness stand, refuse to testify based on his principles (and the fact that release of the information would have most likely endangered his source), be sentenced to house arrest and then serve out his term.

The TV station he works for has paid his legal fees and has continued to pay his salary while he has been prevented from actually working by the terms of his house arrest.

Now that's journalistic integrity where you least expect it - Television.