Sunday, January 29, 2006

Putting an end to psychiatric crimes -- in Florida

My friends at CCHR Florida now have a website. CCHR is, of course, the Florida bastion of the only psychiatric watchdog group, "Citizens Commission on Human Rights", founded in 1969 by Dr. Thomas Szasz, author of the best selling book "The Myth of Mental Illness", and the Church of Scientology.

The website has some good graphics but needs to be tweaked to work perfectly in FireFox and in various screen resolutions. And they've gotta get rid of that one blinking word, blinking text being the hallmark of a newbie web designer.

Anyone who hasn't seen the CCHR traveling museum of psychiatric horrors should make the effort. You'll never think psychiatrists are well-meaning bumblers like TV's Frasier again. Anyone for an impromptu ice pick lobotomy? Any takers? There was one psychiatrist who would grab people off the street and ... well, go see for yourself.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Psychiatry Debunked

My friends at CCHR have put together a terrific four minute video debunking psychiatry. It contains statements of fact from several psychiatrists about how the entire field is bunk. It's worth a look to see what the psychiatric industry does not want you to know about how they diagnose mental illness. Their elaborate scam involves controlling what goes into the DSM IV, their diagnostic manual, so they can bill the insurance companies for it, without a shred of actual scientific evidence behind them.