Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Teacher testimonials from Oklahoma Drug Eduction

Here is one testimonial from a teacher who went through the continuing education at Eastern Oklahoma State University, learning the truth about drug rehabilitation:
Narconon is a needed program, one that I feel can help with the drug problem in the state of Oklahoma. Things that I learned were great, easy, and informative. This workshop is the BEST workshop I’ve ever been involved in. The teaching was wonderful. I walked away with skills that I can use on a personal level as well as with clients that I have that do have drug problems. Thank you Narconon for coming to our state!

M.M First Steps Program Course

I have to tell you that I almost backed out of coming to this seminar. I just didn’t know if I could sit through another boring seminar--------and for two whole days! I told myself that I would be receiving 15 CEU’s,and the seminar was being held fairly close to home, the cost was not too expensive so I came------and now I can’t believe that I almost missed this experience. I was very surprised and delighted with this seminar. I learned so much about addiction and the process of overcoming addiction. All this information was new and innovative for me. Narconon handles this process of overcoming addiction in a simple step-by-step process that works. I learned the natural remedies to help overcome the physical addiction, as well as process of of re-learning to assist clients in dealing with the real world when they go home, this was a GREAT experience.

S.W. First Steps Program Course.

The Narconon drug rehabilitation experience is unlike others in that each part of it is simple, it works, and is extremely effective.