Wednesday, January 09, 2008

New Video on Drugs and School Shootings

This video has a decent interview on Hannity's America, talking about the problems with school shootings and linking them to psychiatric drugs

I harp on this because it is such a major issue, one of the defining issues of our times. The 60's had Vietnam, the 70's had disco, the 80's had bad hair - in the 2000's, we have school shootings.

New Documentary Film - Generation Rx

Generation Rx is a new film by Kevin Miller on the dangers of mind-altering drugs. It will be released later this year. You can read a review of the film on the News Target website. (Click that link.)

According to the review, the film "delivers a devastating blow to the psychiatric drug pushers, FDA puppets and Big Pharma marketing fraudsters who have sold an entire nation on an absurd idea that turns out to be a grand medical hoax: that millions of children have 'chemical imbalances' in their brains requiring treatment with patented, profitable pharmaceutical drugs like Prozac and Ritalin." Which we know from experience to be true.

It's a rave review of a film that features interviews with many notable doctors, authors and health experts, including Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. Fred Baughman, Robert Whitaker and many others. According to this review, the film "weaves a terrifying tale of criminal conspiracy, the mass abandonment of medical ethics, and the routine betrayal of an entire generation by an industry that seems fixated on the idea of profits at any cost."

You can find out how you can view this film by signing up here:

Omaha Shooter was on Psych Drugs

CCHR Gets it right again:

Autopsy Results Confirm Omaha Shooter Was Yet Another Killer Under the Influence of Psychiatric Drugs

Watchdog Urges for Investigation Into Psychiatric Drug-Induced Teen Shootings

LOS ANGELES: The mental health watchdog group Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is calling for a federal investigation into the link between psychiatric drugs and senseless teen shootings, following autopsy results confirming 19-year-old Nebraska mall shooter Robert Hawkins was under the influence of the “anti-anxiety” drug Valium when he killed eight people and wounded five before committing suicide last month. Hawkins is the eleventh recent teen shooter under the influence of psychiatric drugs, resulting in 48 dead and 89 wounded. Many of these drug-induced shootings occurred in schoolyards, including the massacres by Eric Harris at Columbine, Colorado and Jeff Weise at Red Lake, Minnesota
Another notorious figure, John Hinckley, who shot President Reagan and three secret service agents in a 1981 assassination attempt, was under the influence of the same drug as Robert Hawkins—Valium—which has been documented to cause violence, including murder and suicide. Hinckley was prescribed the drugs by his psychiatrist, and later admitted that the drugs turned him into a killer.
Another 19-year-old, James Wilson, killed two 8-year-old girls and wounded several others with his revolver at a South Carolina elementary school in 1988, after seeing psychiatrists and taking psychiatric drugs including Valium since he was 14. Californian Lynwood Drake III also took Valium before he shot and killed six people and himself in 1992.
Clinical psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin wrote in his book, Brain Disabling Treatments in Psychiatry (1997) that “benzodiazepines [a class of drugs that includes Valium and Xanax] can produce a wide variety of abnormal mental responses and hazardous behavioral abnormalities, including rebound anxiety and insomnia, psychosis, paranoia, violence, antisocial acts, depression, and suicide.”
Although it is not yet known if Hawkins was prescribed the Valium found in his system (something investigators are looking into), what is known is that a staggering $265,000 in state funds were spent on Hawkins’ behavior and addiction “treatment.” This expensive state “care” included four years in and out of treatment centers, psych evaluations, regular therapy and extensive prescriptions for powerful drugs including Zoloft, Adderall and Effexor, warned to cause “homicidal ideation.” This case clearly refutes the mental health industry's standard negation of psychiatric drug-induced violence--the claim the patient did not get enough treatment, used to clamor for increased funding.
CCHR, concerned that most parents and consumers are unaware of the risk of homicide and suicide connected with these drugs, has launched a striking series of three PSAs warning of these side effects. The PSAs can be viewed at CCHR hopes that these PSAs serve to inform the public about the dangers of these drugs, and encourage support for a federal investigation into the link between these drugs and senseless teen violence.
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights is an international psychiatric watchdog group co-founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus, to investigate and expose psychiatric violations of human rights. Contact CCHR's Media Department at 800-869-2247 or

Friday, January 04, 2008

Top 10 reasons to ban guns

A bit of satire on the subject of the necessity of banning guns (the link died).

While it's not up to the standards of "A Modest Proposal" it is still worth reading and quite droll.