Thursday, March 31, 2005

Are Your Children Crazy?

Here's an excellent and amusing article by Jane Orient, M.D., entitled: Are your children crazy?

I won't tell you the answer to her question, but you may well be informed that they ARE crazy (by a stranger you've never met) and that YOU are mandated to provide them with mandatory prescription psychotropic drugs for their craziness, if the mental health screening to implement the "New Freedom" mental health initiative is ever put in force. Are your kids a little behind on their math? Well, that's obviously "Math Disorder" from the psychiatric "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual" (DSM IV). You'd think by its inclusion in the DSM that Math Disorder is some disease of the brain that can be cured with one of the wonder drugs you see advertised constantly on television. But no - it turns out that the psychiatrists just used a "show of hands" to vote "Math Disorder" into existence as a disease and insert it into the DSM. That's how they add and subtract all mental illnesses from their diagnostic bible. For many years homosexuality was classified as a "mental disease" by the DSM, until the Gay lobby persuaded the psychiatrists to vote it out of the book.

It only makes sense when you learn that psychiatrists can't BILL anyone for their treatment unless it is for a "disease" they vote into existence in the DSM. If it is in the DSM, it's an "official" disease they can use for billing purposes. It's ALL about the money!

Having raised three girls, I can give you my Paleolithic take on sanity and children. Young girls aged 1 to 10 are delightful, fragile creatures. They sing, dance, draw on the cave walls, and jump around like demented midgets BUT they are very entertaining and will occasionally give you a pat on the back for your efforts to feed them. Note: Never yell at them - they will go to great lengths to get even later.

Then they smash headlong into puberty, during which they appear to be ruled by a tribal council composed entirely of hormones, with no input from the analytical (rational) mind. If you can keep them from crying themselves to death for just a few years, they will eventually turn into beautiful young women with all the skills and cunning required to make some young male capture and carry them off to his cave, where the process starts all over again. No drugs are required.

I have no experience raising young boys, but I do recall being one. Robert Heinlein said it best -- I'm paraphrasing here -- "Boys should be raised in a barrel. When they hit puberty drive in the bung."( Meaning seal the barrel.) My escapades seemed like high fun at the time. Sociopathic is probably too harsh a term to label them now, but if I had fallen into the hands of the psychiatrists, who knows?

I'll take freedom over security any time there is a choice.

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