Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled

The recent Michael Crichton novel, State of Fear, has in it hundreds of footnotes that lead to real (non-fictional) information about the lack of global warming. As well as being an excellent yarn, I'm sure it's an eye opener for many people who have been being alarmed and misled by the press about the state of the world's climate.

Like a creep in a theater yelling "Fire" when there is no fire, nor even smoke, the liberal media and academia have been attempting to panic the gullible, and have been attempting to force everyone to accept their newly-adopted religion called Global Warming.

So if you've been having any doubts about the science behind Global Warming, here's a good place to get yourself completely debunked, by a climatologist from The University of Calgary. Global Warming Debunked.

Of course, if you WANT to keep your religious beliefs intact, by all means don't look at any of the science!

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