Monday, October 17, 2005

Google AdWords advice

Here's a question from someone who is afraid of overspending at Google:

Our sponsored link is on page 5 of Google. We signed
up for $.10/click and $33.33/day. What should we do to bring it to page 1?
Please help.

Remember that Google wants to make as much money as possible from your ad. It uses at least three factors to figure out which ads it is going to display.

1. How much per click each ad is willing to pay (the bid amount).
2. How much is the maximum daily budget set for that ad.
3. How often a particular ad is clicked when it IS displayed. If you have a terrible ad that no one clicks even though it is displayed in the #1 position, it won't be displayed there for very long.

So, first, try setting the DAILY budget ridiculously high, like $1000. And monitor it extremley closely for a day or two and make sure it isn't actually costing you more than you can afford to pay (it almost certainly won't).

Second, after you see how that goes for a couple of days, start raising your bid about $.05 every day or two, and monitor the results closely again. You'll hit a point where the ad will show up on the first page of Google's results, even though you aren't paying as much per click as most of the companies on the home page.

If you have a good ad that IS clicked when it is displayed, then you can pay less per click, as long as you are willing to have a higher daily budget, and you will make it onto the first page at Google for less than the other guys are paying per click.


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