Thursday, February 09, 2006

Talking Points on Basics of Internet Marketing

Last week I received the honor of being asked to put together some "talking points" on the basics of internet marketing, for a series of seminars to be given in Spain and Holland by Gilleard Marketing. That is the firm belonging to Keith and Deborah Gilleard, long-time marketers. They've been marketing for about 30 some years and have achieved many excellent marketing products over the years. They've left a long string of more successful companies in their wake. They became clients of mine about a year ago, when Deborah asked me to fix the HTML coding and CSS on a busted website design for them.

Here's my take on this intriguing subject: The Basics of Internet Marketing.

That page design is simple and clean -- I'm tempted to put my whole "normal" website, in that clean and simple format. But I also want something a little more complex to showcase the level of complexity that we can use when making websites.

Any comments would be welcome -- I have no perspective on this. I tell people I was born "without the color gene" and while that's not completely true, it's also not that far from being spot on.

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