Sunday, July 09, 2006

Volunteer Minister gets results

David Dempster, a Scientology Volunteer Minister from Clearwater, Florida, recently published this report:
This weekend I handled a 20-year-old girl who had ended up in hospital in a coma. The doctor said if she didn't wake up within 12 hours she wouldn't wake up at all. I was called in after she had been in a coma for about 8 hours. I gave her assists for handling unconscious persons and after about 2 hours she woke up. I gave her more assists on the following days and also coached her aunt on handling the hospital staff so the girl wouldn't be given drugs. This included handling a psychiatrist and a psych-oriented nurse.
The other nurses were ... supportive. One of them said "Don't go away - you're doing her good." She originated that the assists did not in any way interfere with the medical handling they were doing. She now has her own copy of the [assists] booklet.
The girl is back home on a program of vitamins and is ... doing great.
It's a pleasure and privilege to be applying L. Ron Hubbard's Technology.

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jenny said...

What an interesting story!

Did he post this online somewhere? I'd love to see his site too.