Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Leah Remini is beautiful. In person, she's stunning. Here's a great photo of Leah and an article where she gives the reason she got into Scientology. It's very simple - she saw good changes in her mom as her mother started doing Scientology, and she communicated well enough to want to check it out for herself.

About nine years ago, I met Leah at Celebrity Centre, when she was just enjoying the first flush of success with King of Queens. (Note: I don't care to watch sitcoms but it seems to be popular). At the time I was working at Warner Brothers managing True Blue Productions, Kirstie Alley's production company, and I was well aware of Leah's burgeoning success as an actress, because I had heard a lot about Leah from my wife at the time. They were friends, had been best friends as teenagers, back when Leah was struggling like all the other young actresses in Hollywood. My (now ex-)wife was featured in the Lifetime network bio of Leah as her childhood friend.

Anyway, at that meeting, I had the feeling that I had met her before, and I told her so.

She denied it, bantering that she always remembers a face and she had never seen mine before. I insisted on it -- she said that I must have seen her on TV. With my best poker face I said "No! Are you an actress?" She laughed herself silly.

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