Sunday, August 12, 2007

Cool summer

We're having a very cool summer here in south coastal Oregon. We bought an air conditioner after one hot day in June, and we've only had to use it twice so far. Today we're wearing sweaters at noon!

I do not subscribe to the religion of global warming. Any time scientists say they have reached a consensus, I back away carefully and try to look at the actual data. When anyone says "the debate is over" on any subject, experience has taught me that the debate is just getting going, and someone wants to shut up the other side.

It appears that the global temperature seems to have gone up slightly in the last 150 years. Maybe one degree. The earliest data is sketchy and unreliable. In Oregon, it was actually hotter in the 1930's than presently -- that whole decade was hot here.

So, if I don't believe in the global warming mythic, then why is it cooler this summer? For the same reason it's hotter on some summer days than others. Variance. Randomness. Chance played out across a bigger area than is comfortably grasped by the human mind.

I'd be really worried if I believed that humans were causing global warming. Did we cause the global warming of Mars, as well -- which has gained about one degree in the last 30 years?

What do you think?

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