Friday, April 28, 2006

Study Tech at work

I was a very glib student when I went to school (back before the last ice age). I could parrot back whatever the teachers had said, and had near perfect eidetic memory of the textbooks I read. So I did really well on tests, skipped a grade, etc. But when it came to actually applying what I'd learned, it was as if I never really absorbed any of what I was studying. It wasn't until my circumstances changed in my junior year in high school that I became aware of this flaw in my education.

At 15 years old I suddenly had to learn very quickly how to build a house. I was living with my older sister that year (1968). I spent the whole "Summer of Love" on a 2 acre lot in the desert outside El Paso, Texas, putting in a foundation, building framing, and putting up roof joists, putting on a roof, putting in plumbing and electrical and insullation, and putting up siding. I even learned to lay the proverbial bricks. I did most of the work with my brother-in-law directing and helping as he could (he had a bad back and was away most of the time). It was the first time I'd ever built anything or had to DO anything that mattered. About the only thing I was able to use from my prior life were my basic geometry skills -- how to measure out and lay out a right angle.

And that winter we lived in the house.

That qualification got my first "real" job - construction chief on a privately owned ship. All they cared about was: "Can you DO it." It didn't matter that I was "only" 18 years old.

The emphasis in Study Technology is on application, and it achieves results that cut through the psychobabble of modern education like scissors through playdough.

Here's a recent success from a parent after some tutoring using the study technology:

Let me begin by saying that what you do is AWESOME. I am a parent with a Masters Degree and numerous awards, but could not help my child understand in 3 years what you have helped him obtain in less than 3 weeks. I see a change in my son – not just academically but personally. There is an air of confidence he now holds. Life has opened up for him so much more. He could read before, but now he reads and understands.
We have been blessed beyond belief. – L.T.

Here's a success from a principal:

Applied Scholastics tutors have enabled our students to progress in reading, specifically. Students are equipped with the tools they need to help themselves. We are all enthusiastic about further progress. – S.N.

I wish study tech had been around when my sisters were young - it would have changed their lives and reduced the amount of struggle it took to get through school.

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