Monday, May 01, 2006

Eli Lilly funds "pre-emptive" drug study

More Eli Lilly drugs foisted on kids as this NY Times article today details, Eli Lilly and the NIMH have been funding a drug study since 1997, trying to determine if it is efficacious to drug kids who are "at risk" of schizophrenia with anti-psychotics. The biggest result? The kids gained an average of 20 pounds. This drug being tested, Zyprexa, causes those taking it to get fat. So let's see -- you take a girl who is borderline schizo, and now you make her 20 pounds heavier. That's certainly not going to make her any happier, now is it?

Of course, this "study" was flawed in many different ways. First they couldn't find that many people who fit the category of pre-schizophrenic. Only 60 kids were tested, which isn't statistically enough to get a valid result no matter WHAT the results. 10 of the kids stopped taking the drug, some of them moved away - so basically you can't read anything from the numbers. It's just more bogus pseudo-science from Eli Lilly.

You can see where they were headed with it, though -- "Don't be leff out! Brought to you by the makers of Prozac -- a drug for you kids who AREN'T crazy -- yet. You, too, can be forced to take your prescription on threat of being kicked out of school and reported for child abuse."

For more info on the insanity that is psychiatry, visit CCHR -- the only effective group doing anything to try to contain the pseudo-science of psychiatry.

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