Saturday, June 03, 2006

Narconon Great Lakes

Narconon Great Lakes is one of the newer Narconon groups, going strong in the Chicagoland area. They are a 501(C)3 charitable group, a non-profit dedicated to getting rid of the scourge of drugs from the Chicago area, one addict at a time. If you can help them, send a donation -- for books used in putting drug users through the Narconon program. Make donations via PayPal to:

This Marijuana video created by Narconon is suitable for drug education in the classroom, and details what happens to someone who smokes pot regularly. It's a shame, really, I've known a few people who smoked pot with regularity, and they pretty much all became dedicated slackers. One lovely girl, a family friend, was too lazy and bored to get a job and work, herself, and couldn't be bothered to make the money to buy her own damn drugs. She turned into a criminal who stole money from her friends (and lied to their faces about it and tried to blame others) to finance her pot addiction. And yes, marijuana IS addictive, no matter what the pro-pot guys try to tell you about it. It got its hooks into me as a teen (even through I was a geek and a straight-A student), and it can do the same to your teenager. Get the video and do some preventive education before it's too late. (Was that sufficiently lurid?)

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