Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston is one of those gorgeous Hollywood women with everything going for them. Looking at her, you'd think she'd never had anything go wrong in her life, but that's not so. Now she is married to John Travolta, has lovely children and a successful film career. Who could forget Kelly seducing the Governator in "Twins"? and punching Tom Cruise in the face in "Jerry Maquire"? But her life wasn't always in such good shape.

Before Narconon helped her kick her drug habit, she was doing every drug she could get her hands on.

Kelly Preston

But Narconon did help her, and now she's one of their spokespeople, actively helping educate parents and kids on the pitfalls of drug abuse. As one who has been there, she knows what it is like. Recently she's been in Hawaii, teaching parents from her new DVD, "Keeping Your Kids Drug-Free: What Parents Need To Know". Narconon plans to open a center on Oahu soon.

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