Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Indonesia Relief Effort

The Volunteer Ministers are asking for our help in their efforts to help in Indonesia at the site of the quake in Yogyakarta. Abour 4300 people are known dead, with at least 120,000 homeless in the wake of the disaster. If you want to go and help them, contact vm@volunteerministers.org or ihelpwestus@ihelp.org. You can also make donations via paypal to the vm@volunteerministers.org site. They hope to field a team of hundreds of volunteer ministers. They do whatever is needed to help, whether that is digging through rubble for victims, passing out water and food, giving first aid to the injured, identifying and burying the dead, or giving "assists" to the survivors to help them cope with loss and injury. Scientology Volunteer Ministers are always "doing something about it". Help us.

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