Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Babies exposed to Prozac are damaged for life!

Babies exposed to Prozac are damaged for life:
"In conclusion, our results suggest that maternal exposure to
fluoxetine during pregnancy and lactation results in enduring
behavioral alterations in male and female pups throughout life.
Presumably, overstimulation of the serotonergic receptors during brain
development led to long-lasting changes in brain chemistry or
structure that resulted in abnormal behavior throughout life. "

Behavioral Evaluation of Male and Female Mice Pups Exposed to
Fluoxetine during Pregnancy and Lactation

Vol. 80, No. 1, 2007

Someone should have warned Brooke Shields about that.

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Grahame said...

It is a pity that people like Brook Shields promote anti-depressants. I think the problem with her and others who have either taken these drugs or who've persuaded others to take them, is that they now have to "be right". Any rational person who has taken a look at the evidence of the dangers of these drugs will tell others to stay away. It's a shame Ms. Shields can't just admit she was wrong and do something to stop the suicides and murders created by these drugs.