Friday, June 01, 2007

Ultra Marathon

I've known JR Radich for many years. He is an ultra-marathoner, and in July will be running his seventh (!) 135 mile long Death Valley race, billed as the world's toughest footrace. Temperatures reach 125 degrees, and pavement can hit 180 degrees. Last year he finished 11th in the race, with a time that was nine hours better than his best previous time, from 2003.

JR makes this event a fundraiser for the Way to Happiness Foundation, with the theme that youth should make the right choices with "The Way to Happiness". He says,
This is a great purpose I strongly support and many of you over the years have pledged on my runs which is much appreciated. Our youth are our future. Gangs, drugs, intolerance, lack of common sense principles, all a threat to our youth today. TWTH is making big inroads on helping reverse this negative trend.

He also plans to run Mt. Whitney, 14,464 feet tall - tallest peak in the Continental US, and then reverse back across Death Valley unassisted (no support crew or vans following him), by pushing a baby jogger with all his water and supplies, another 135 miles back to Badwater, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, 282 feet below sea level. A total of 292 miles.
If you'd like to contribute to this WILD(!) venture, here's the address and phone:
The Way to Happiness Foundation
C/O The Death Valley Run
201 E. Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205

Help him out!

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