Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Coastal Elk

One evening last week our chickens alerted us to the fact we had an animal wandering the yard. They make a great sustained racket of crowing and calling to each other when there is an animal, especially a predator, around their chicken run. When we checked it out, it was a fairly large coastal elk with nubby antlers just coming in. We've never seen them in our yard before -- our dogs usually scare off all the grazing animals, including stray cows, wandering horses, the timid deer, and the elk. This elk was as big as one of our horses.

When our dogs ran up to chase him off, he lowered his head and charged them. They quickly gave up and he ignored them after that. He came back the next day.

We are about ten miles from the Pacific ocean, which, as I understand it, is right at the eastern limit of the range of these coastal elk. We hope to see more....

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