Sunday, May 28, 2006

NY Rescue Workers Detox Center

In 2002 Tom Cruise helped start the NY Rescue Workers Detox Center in Manhattan. Since then, 640 rescue workers have gone through the program. The detox program involves sauna and exercise (and vitamins) and I've seen photos of the "blue sweat" that comes out of their bodies in the sauna while on the program. More than 40 of the rescue workers from Ground Zero have died from the toxins to which they were exposed in their rescue and recovery efforts. Over 70% of the rescue workers have some form of health problem such as "WTC cough" as their bodies try to cope with the toxins they absorbed from the smoke and other chemicals in the air.

The program is free to those rescue workers who do it, although it costs about $5000 per person to deliver. Tom Cruise funded quite a bit of it initially, but of course they need more funds to continue operating. They're having a sponsored motorcycle ride on August 26th, led by Joe Higgins, a retired NYC firefighter and graduate of the program. To join the ride, contact (Jim Woodworth) or to organize a game to gather donations, contact Charlotte Anderson ( You can also make donations yourself.

For more info about the NY Detox center, visit

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